Tool Design

 With use of the latest CAD CAM and 3D software technology our design and tooling development engineers ensure tooling that is cost effective whether it be for multi-stage progression power presses or multi-slide forming machines.Our expertise in CAD/CAM allows us to rapidly develop a new tool design. We have the capability to deliver quality products within established timelines, at low costs and without compromising on quality. The experience of our design engineers in product design, tool design and development allows us to take on complex projects and enable us to cater to various design needs and concepts.

 We offer technical advice on component design and we invite you to submit your enquiries for a prompt quotation for your requirement for quality precision pressings, spring clips and wireforms.

Tool Design

Tool Manufacturing

 Tooling Material Selection, Process Optimisations, Planning, Machining and Tool Assembling are conducted by the Tool Room Department, which has state-of–the-art facilities and equipment. These highly qualified teams, (Tool Design team and Tool Manufacturing team) co-ordinate and provide support to each other for the seamless execution of each project.

 Over the years, we have developed expertise and gathered experience in performing various studies to facilitate the introduction of new designs and concepts into the Indian and international market. Various changes in tool designs and manufacturing have been incorporated to assure.

 Experienced in manufacturing tooling that is capable of producing different component from various materials. For example; spring steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, beryllium copper phosphor bronze etc. with the following process tooling's.

Tool Manufacturing
Sand Casting pattern
Making Rubber Moulds
Making Blow Moulds
Patterns made of Wooden / Aluminum / Cast Iron / Gun Metal
Supporting mould components such as slides, inserts, lifters, cooling lines and gates
Shell Moulding
Plastic Injection Moulding
Machine Moulding
Gravity Low Pressure die casting
Gravity High Pressure die casting
Pressure die casting mold