Investment casting

 We produce Investment casting or lost wax process casting with the most intricate shapes in just about ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. The process uses a pattern of wax or other low melting point material which has itself to be 'cast' in a mold, although it may be built up from several parts. The pattern is then dip-coated (invested) with refractory slurry, several coatings being applied to build up a shell of adequate strength. The wax is then melted out of this shell which is baked to strengthen the bonding of the refractory, remove moisture and burn out the last of the wax and then it is casted with required material.

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Sand Casting

 We provide castings made-up of most using sand casting techniques with still being the lowest cost method for small scale production. Patterns of the shape required are made of wood or Aluminium and placed in molding boxes. Complex shapes may be made of two or more sections to help the molding with the parting line set to suit maximum dimensions of the casting. The molds are made from sand bonded with clays or silicates or various organic mixes. This is poured over the pattern and rammed home hard and evenly to take its shape. If half of a component is molded in one box, this is then turned over, the second half of the pattern keyed in place over it and another molding box placed on top.

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Shell Moulding

 We offer this form of a sand casting in which the molding medium is coated with a thermosetting resin for better bonding. It requires special equipment. The coated sand is allowed to fall onto heated metal pattern plates. After a short dwell time these are inverted, allowing excess sand to fall away and leave a shell of sand adhering to the pattern. Baking to harden the resin results in a strong 'biscuit', easily handled and stored, from which moulds are assembled. Shell cores, made by essentially the same process, are frequently used with ordinary sand castings. Mould making is virtually automatic, requiring low skill levels and the moulds are highly reproducible. The process is used for the economic manufacture of long runs of brass components used in the electrical and general engineering industries, some of which may end up in the home.

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Gravity Die Casting

 Our organization is engaged in offering a wide assortment of Gravity Die Casting to our valuable clients across the globe. These castings are manufactured using high quality raw material, which is procured from the well-known and reliable vendors of the market. The castings offered by us are manufactured under the supervision of highly experienced professionals.

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CNC machining components

 We have been widely appreciated for our superior quality machined components. Our machined components are used for various application in industries like material handling, textile industry, aerospace and have special significance in automotive industries. Our range of machined components include CNC turned components, precision 5axis milling components. We are also capable of preparing prototypes and getting the products customized as per the requirements of various industries across the globe.

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